Campaigns from your community partners

When you add your charity partners to your company profile (via Settings > Profile), those campaigns appear in their own category for all of your employees on their home page.  Look out for the Give with your company causes area to see other campaigns you (or your staff) may want to participate in.

For fundraising and volunteering campaigns, there are very simple ways to get you started:

  • For fundraising in an existing campaign, if the charity wants company participation, you can simply click on the Fundraise > Fundraise as company button and fill in the quick form and you have a running campaign.  Using it this way, employees and teams within your company can create their own campaign off yours and you get a leaderboard of individual and team performance across the company
  • For volunteering in an existing campaign, (assuming the charity has it turned on) you will see a Volunteer as a company button that you can click and fill in a quick form.  This lets you create a branded campaign without the overhead of managing the charity side as well, that is then visible on your home page for employees to participate in via the volunteer button.  Even better, when you view the campaign, the view is centred around your employee activity so you can jointly participate with other companies too without all the hassle.