Closing your Company Campaigns

Closing Company Campaigns

Campaign finished? All expected fundraising collected, volunteers registered and tickets sold?

Make sure you Close your Campaign. Apart from good housekeeping, and stopping your page getting clogged up with Campaigns that are now passed, closing your Campaign is your opportunity to write a closing statement, telling everyone who supported it how the Campaign went, thanking them and let's them know what they helped to Impact Summary.  Note that campaigns will be auto-closed 3 months after they've finished, though doing it this way means supporters aren't given that same personal touch.

It's easy to close a campaign: 

Open the campaign page and navigate to the Close button on the right-hand-side Admin panel:

Simply add your Closing Statement from the Company...this is the thank you message you will be sending to all contributors. This will be added to a closing statement from the charity on what was achieved and what Impact and outcomes resulted from the efforts of contributors.

When you hit Save, both messages are automatically emailed out to all your Benojo supporters, so they are thanked and given outcomes by both parties involved at once. Cool hey? And if you’ve uploaded photos to the Campaign, it’s a good way to share them with your supporters, through the Campaign page. 

Saying thanks has never been quicker, or easier.

Impact Summary Report

For Companies - and your employees if you choose to share your Impact Report - your closing statements are then visible through an Impact Summary Report, which is a filter available through your Impact Report - you'll see it on the right side on the settings of the report.

Along with Cause and Campaign summaries, showing all contributions by Cause and/or Campaign, the Impact Summary shows Outcomes by Campaign. The Outcome as told by your Cause partners will appear here, clearly showing all what was achieved...because sometimes, words are more powerful than numbers.