Company Hierarchy

Company Hierarchy & Multiple Business Units

Benojo allows you to manage and measure your employees' giving activities in many ways. The standard Benojo Company set-up is a one-level flat structure, where all your employees belong to one business unit, and all measurement is based on - and rolled up into - that one business unit.

But what if one level isn't enough? We also offer a premium option of two-level Company set-ups, allowing you to separate out your business into different business units. This might be by location, department, or cost centre. For example:

An umbrella 'Parent' Company profile of 'Fabulously Fabulous' may contain:

  • Fabulously Fabulous NSW
  • Fabulously Fabulous QLD
  • Fabulously Fabulous SA
  • Fabulously Fabulous WA

Or you could choose:

  • Fabulously Fabulous - Sales
  • Fabulously Fabulous - Marketing
  • Fabulously Fabulous - Legal
  • Fabulously Fabulous - IT

Hierarchy allows you to group together employees by your chosen business unit, target campaigns just for that unit, and measure contributions by each unit.

Speak to your Benojo account manager about setting up a Company hierarchy for your business, and how it could work for you.

Company Hierarchy Admins

If you have a hierarchy set-up, you can also enable 2 different levels of Company Administrator:

1. Whole Company Admins (allowing access to everything across the whole Company)

A whole-Company admin can control all actions within a Company profile, and has full visibility to all information. They can set up campaigns for any business unit, and manage employees platform-wide.

2. Business unit Admins (allowing access to a single business unit)

Admins for single business units have the ability to administer on behalf of that business unit only. This includes controls for that business unit's profile, employees, payroll giving, donation matching, and employee grants. Single business unit admins cannot create company-wide 'parent' campaigns, or administer campaigns or functionality for other business units.

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