Adding Company Campaigns

Campaigns are the lifeblood of Benojo, and are essentially an ‘ask’....what do I need and why do I need it? There are 3 ways to get a Campaign up on your Company page - you can support an existing campaign, you can create it yourself, or you can adopt it from a Cause.

Creating a Campaign

This is all done from the Create campaign button at the top of your page (note that you can create campaigns from here for yourself, your company or your cause - if you are an admin for one).  For detailed instructions, click here

Fundraising as a company

When viewing donation campaigns as a company admin, under the Fundraise button, you will have a dropdown where you can see a Fundraise as a company option .  This allows you to run your own version of that campaign as a company and have your employees competing with each other on your own leaderboard.  Your company totals will also appear on the charity leaderboard so you can see what you've raised alongside everyone else participating.  Once you've clicked this button, complete the simple form and then share the campaign with your employees.  Simple as that.

Supporting a Campaign (ticketing only)

Supporting a Campaign is dead easy - with just one click, you add any ticketed campaign to your company profile as something you support. As a Company, this saves you the admin of creating your own Campaign, and you can add choice and diversity to your Community program with ease. Supported Campaigns are collective, meaning your contributions show on the same Campaign as everyone else supporting it, and you can choose to see just contributions from your Company and employees, or everyone's.

To support a campaign, look at any ticketed campaign page as a company admin  and you'll see a Support option on the right.  Click that and that's it. It will now appear under Give with your Company home page section, and also on your Company Profile page.

Volunteer as a company

Volunteer as a company lets you can take an existing charity campaign and tailor it to your brand and requirements before making it available to your employees and networks. As a Company, this saves you the admin of creating your own Campaign, and allows you to demonstrate your brand's commitment to that particular cause. The branded version of this campaign is unique to your Company, and only houses the giving activities from your employees.  Note that the charity still has full visibility and still manages the details (like location and timing) of the event on your behalf.

You can see the collective impact of the overall 'parent' campaign by clicking back into that original campaign to see what others have also contributed.

To Volunteer as a company, view the campaign page as the company admin (check the yellow bar on the top of the campaign page) and click the Volunteer as a company button.  Click that and you will then create a company campaign based on the one the charity has set up for you.  Once this is set up, you can edit certain settings and run your campaign as it is your own.

Depending on your relationship with and the needs of the charity hosting the campaign, you will either be the sole Company supporter, or can be one of many organisations contributing to potentially limitless collective impact.

mail Once you have Volunteered as a company in a campaign, an email is sent to the charity to let them know you are supporting it.

Volunteer as a company when you have multiple offices

Have more than one office location set-up on Benojo? Decide whether you want to run the campaign for your parent office, All offices or just one/some.

For All, you’ll need to be a whole-company admin. When you hit the Volunteer as a company button on a campaign, you’ll be asked which office you want to run it for. If you select your parent office, it will appear on your overall parent profile page only (NOT All office profiles). You can alternatively run it into each office as well, or several/all of.

As an office-level admin, when you Volunteer as a company, it will automatically be adopted into just your office’s profile. It is still however available to staff from other offices if they view the All company profile page, or from the Get Involved search page.