Company Donations

From the Company admin menu and then clicking on Workplace Giving, the Company Donations tab allows you to record your manual and offline donations made to a cause or a campaign in cash, by EFT or via a credit card. You can also record non-cash donations (cost price) here, for example the value of hourly rates contributed by staff volunteering, value of a donated product or service, pro bono work etc.

On the main Company Donations page, you'll see a list of all of the company donations that have been made.  You can edit or delete these if any errors have been made.  Once a donation is made through this method, it is also visible to the cause so they can see where the donations they have received have come from.

It’s simple: hit Record Donation and you'll see the following options:

  • Cause: The charity you are donating to
  • This donation is a general donation to the cause: If you turn this off, you will be presented with a list of specific campaigns that that cause is running and can contribute to that rather than a general donation.  Your company name will appear in the contributor list of that campaign as well as appearing on this page
  • Reference / receipt number: You can either use a banking reference or something which indicates where and how this transaction occurred 
  • Amount: The dollar amount of the contribution 
  • Description: There are several options here for what type of contribution the company is making.  Current options are:
    • Collected employee donations: e.g. gold coin collection at a morning tea
    • Corporate grant: A cash donation made by the company.  
    • Matching employee donations: A cash donation made by the company to amplify the giving of it's employees
    • Non-cash donations (cost price): If the company gives goods or services to a cause
    • Merchandise purchase: If the company buys goods from a cause
    • Sales percentage: If the company has committed to a % of sales being given to charity
    • Other: Can't figure out where what you've done fits?  No worries, include it here (we recommend saying what it is in more detail in the reference area)
  • Donation date: Date the donation was made (does not have to be today so you can enter back donations to help your reporting)
  • Process payment through Benojo (certain contribution types only): Checking this allows for a company donation to be instantly processed via a credit card.  Please note that this transaction does incur an e-commerce fee from Stripe.

These figures are of course included in your impact report and overall giving numbers on your Company profile.

enlightenedYou are able to record Company contributions you have made to all Item 1 endorsed DGR charities (not Item 1 Operating DGRs or Item 2 or 4). You can find out more about types of DGRs at