Company fundraiser

Starting a Company Fundraiser

A company fundraiser is a campaign set up by the company to support a particular cause / charity.  This is so the company can be creative and run campaigns where the beneficiary is a charity that the business supports.  Note that you might also find an existing fundraiser run by your charity partner on Benojo.  You can generally just click the Fundraise > Fundraise as company option to get started quickly.

If you do need to create something yourself, use the Create campaign > Start a fundraiser option. 

enlightened When creating your Donation event, there are rules around donations being tax deductible. This is because, according to the ATO's claimable deductions rules, a gift must truly be a gift. A gift is voluntary transfer of money or property where you receive no material benefit or advantage. The rules go on to specify You cannot claim as a gift or donation items that provide you with some personal benefit, such as: raffle or art union tickets, items such as chocolates and pensthe cost of attending fundraising

So for any Campaign where tickets or goods are received in exchange for money, you should use the 'Run an Event' option and not Donate. Only use Donate when it is a true Donation where only warm fuzzy feelings are received in exchange for the transfer of money.

The available fields on this page are:

  • Fundraise as: This allows you to select in which capacity you are fundraising.  In this case, as a company admin, you'll generally want to do it as a Company
  • The recipient: This is the charity that is the beneficiary of this activity
  • Fundraiser Details
    • Title: Give it a descriptive title (this helps it get found both on Benojo and on search engines). Include what are you doing and who will benefit, i.e. A Marathon Run For Cancer Research.
    • Amount you're aiming to raise: Your targeted amount for the campaign.  
    • From and To: Select the time you want your campaign to be live from and to. For a donation campaign, 
    • What am I asking for and why: This refers to the intended impact of your activity - We’re cooking to feed 500 homeless people who would otherwise go without dinner or we’re fundraising to cover the cost of bricks for a new women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence. It doesn’t have to be long but the more information about what the intended outcome of your campaign is, the more interest people will have in it.
    • Banner: You can either upload a campaign banner here or link to a YouTube or Vimeo video which will then replace the banner on the campaign page
  • Location: 
    • Address: Either where will the activity take place or where the Cause you’re fundraising for is based. In future, this will effect the targeting of who sees the campaign based on their proximity to where the campaign is being run
    • Country: Select the Country you want your Campaign to show up under. So if you live in Australia but are running a marathon in the United States, you will probably want to choose Australia, where your network is based. You can choose the region that suits the location of your event, or the majority of your intended contributors.
  • Peer to peer
    • From here, you can choose how your employees will participate in the event - whether it's teams (with a maximum size) or individual employees.  You can also set the default text that will appear on every team / individual campaign started from this campaign - this can be changed by those running the campaigns.
  • Settings:
    • Only employees can see and search for this campaign: Only associated employees will be able to see this campaign on your profile and on their home page
    • Campaign can be found by Benojo search and internet search engines: For non-employee campaigns, turning this off allows only those with the link to be able to find the campaign (it doesn't appear in search or Google).  This allows for an invite only campaign
    • Notifications are sent to company administrators: The default setting is to send campaign activity to everyone set up as an administrator of your company.  Turning this off lets you select specific recipients for those notifications.
    • Tags: This is so you can enter hashtags for your campaigns to align them to your social media strategy.  Hashtags don't require the # and any tags you enter are visible at[tagname] - and you can use your own link shortener to point at this page if you wish.
    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) raising towards: You can tag one or multiple SDGs that this campaign is being run towards.  The amount raised by it is then aggregated and viewable in the SDG summary on the Activity Report (under the Company Admin menu)
    • Custom message in receipt email: Text here appears on the receipt send to all donors across the campaign.  You can click on preview on the top right of the area to see how this appears.
    • Additional resource:  Name and link.  This allows you to add a url to a separate site or file to provide more details to your supporters - which will also propagate to company campaigns started of your main one.  Examples could be a link to your terms and conditions, fundraising authority or event brochure.  It is displayed on the Event details tab of your campaign.
    • Campaign URL: Tailor the URL to make it more relevant to your campaign.  We'd also suggest that you can use a link shortener (such as to make very simple URLs that point at this location.