Company volunteering event

Starting a Company Volunteer Campaign

Volunteering can be tricky.  It often requires the charity / cause to have or create specific activities for an employee or many of your employees to participate in and they don't always have these activities available and need to create them based on your approach.  Generally, the best way is to discuss with the charities you have chosen as to what they can offer you and how many employees they can cater for and then use this to create the activity for your employees to participate in.  Other ideas here are to get help to run an event you are holding where you don't need specific engagement with that charity.

Often, you'll find a campaign already being run by a charity that you can participate in as a company.  To do it like that, just use the Volunteer as a company button you'll find on that page.

If not, and you want to set up something specific to what you're doing, you can use the Create campaign > Recruit Volunteers button.

The fields available for a volunteering campaign are:

  • The basics:
    • The recipient: This is the charity that is the beneficiary of this activity
    • Title: Give it a descriptive title (this helps it get found both on Benojo and on search engines). Include what are you doing and who will benefit, i.e. A Marathon Run For Cancer Research.
    • Number of volunteers required: The maximum number of volunteers that can be accommodated
  • Supporting details:
    • The impact of the campaign: This refers to the intended impact of your activity - We’re cooking to feed 500 homeless people who would otherwise go without dinner or we’re fundraising to cover the cost of bricks for a new women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence. It doesn't have to be long but the more information about what the intended outcome of your campaign is, the more interest people will have in it.
    • What you expect from the participant: What is the effort required? We need you to cook for the evening / be a dish-hand / serve meals to the homeless / donate money to help us reach our giving total. Be positive and compelling to motivate people to help, and make it clear what people can do to help, or if you have specific requirements, such as bringing an apron, wearing closed in shoes.
    • Banner: You can either upload a campaign banner here or link to a YouTube or Vimeo video which will then replace the banner on the campaign page
  • Agenda: You can create either a one-off volunteering event or a longer multi-event program where a volunteer commits to one, some, or all days in the program (click on Add an event to add additional events to the program)
    • Hours each volunteer will give: The number of hours a volunteer will be committing to for either the day or for this particular day in a program
    • Address: Where the activity will take place - this will be included in the invite to the volunteer. Note that this can be different for each individual event within a program.  In future, this will effect the targeting of who sees the campaign based on their proximity to where the campaign is being run
    • Date/s and times: Enter the times you need the volunteer for - note that for a program of events where the attendee must attend all events, a participant can only volunteer up until the start date and time of the first event. Please make sure you add accurate dates and times so people know when and what they are committing could well affect their ability to attend.
  • Volunteer requirements (optional): These requirements are displayed on the campaign page
    • Language: If skills in a particular language are required
    • Gender: If this event is only for a specific gender
    • Skills: If particular skills are required for this activity
    • Qualifications: If particular qualifications are needed (such as a Working with children certificate)
  • Volunteer registration form:
    • Questions: These are there so you can ask specific questions of your volunteer that may be required for the event.  Examples include what are your dietary preferences if you are catering for your volunteers or whether they are willing to drive others to the event
  • Settings:
    • Country: Select the Country where the volunteering activity will take place. 
    • Timezone: Makes sure the time of the campaign is correct in participant's calendars
    • Tags: This is so you can enter hashtags for your campaigns to align them to your social media strategy.  Hashtags don't require the # and any tags you enter are visible at[tagname] - creating a bespoke landing page for any campaigns containing that hashtag.
    • SDG: Enter the SDG(s) that this campaign will be reported under.  You will find all activity in the Activity report on the SDG summary.
    • Custom message in receipt email: Add some text here to give some more information to volunteers in the acceptance email that is sent.  It can be previewed via the Preview button on the top right.
    • Volunteers are only visible to the organiser and the causeDon't want to show who's volunteered? You can hide those participating by checking this box.
    • Only employees can see and search for this campaign: Checking this box means only users who are associated to your Company on Benojo can see and participate in this campaign. If you want your employees to share this with friends and family, you'll need to uncheck this box in order they can do so.
    • This campaign an be found by Benojo search and internet search engines: Maybe you want to limit who can see the campaign to only those who have been sent the link, or don't want it found on Google. If you've already limited it to Employees only as per above, it is already restricted to your Company, but you can restrict visibility further/instead using this check box. This allows for an invite only campaign
    • Send calendar invite to participants: If this is checked, a volunteer will automatically be emailed an ICS invitation which creates an appointment in their calendar.  Also, if there are any changes, the invite will be updated.
    • Notifications are sent to company administrators: By default, notifications of activity are sent to all company admins.  Turn this off to specify a particular person as a recipient.
    • The creator of the campaign is the contact: The default setting is that the person creating the campaign is the contact, and will receive any emails sent to via the Contact Organiser button, as well as emails related to the campaign being sent from this person too. Turning this off lets you select a specific recipient instead.
    • Additional resource:  Name and link.  This allows you to add a url to a separate site or file to provide more details to your supporters - which will also propagate to company campaigns started of your main one.  Examples could be a link to your terms and conditions, fundraising authority or event brochure.  It is displayed on the Event details tab of your campaign.
    • Campaign URL: Customise this to make it reflect your campaign.  We also note that you can use a link shortener such as to create an easy to remember link.