Create a Campaign

Campaigns are where all the charitable activity happens on Benojo. On the top of the page, click the ‘Create campaign’ button.

Start by choosing who you want to run the campaign as (individual, company or - if you're a cause admin as well - cause) and then which type works for you (click on the title to see details of each):

  • FundraiserEngage your staff and network to raise funds for causes that your company supports
  • Volunteering: Give your staff opportunities to participate in company-supported volunteering efforts.  This effort can be a one-off event or a volunteering programme where participants join up and help on a scheduled and ongoing basis
  • Ticketing: Hold you own fundraiser with all proceeds from tickets going to a charity you support.  Charities are also open to splitting out costs but please discuss this (you can contact them from their profile) with them before creating your event

If you've held a previous event and just want to run another like it, click the Administration button on the campaign page (or the Actions dropdown on the console) and click Clone campaign.  The details of that campaign will be copied to a new campaign that you can edit and put live in seconds.

Note that if the cause does not have credit card payments enabled, the fundraiser and ticketed event options will not appear.

enlightenedNot all charities are available for you to create all types of campaigns. If you don't see the charity you wish to work with in the campaign dropdown list, use the 'Suggest a cause' menu item and we'll reach out and invite them to join Benojo.