Donation Matching settings

Donation matching on Benojo allows the Company to match an employee's donation, up to assigned individual and company annual limits. 

Once enabled, when a signed-in employee makes a donation, they are asked if they would like the company to match it, and shown available limits.

enlightened We recommend batch loading employees when using the Donation matching functionality so as your employees are easily recognised as being part of your company.

Setting up Donation Matching

Firstly, the employer needs to enable Donation matching for donations to take place. So as an admin, navigate to the Company admin > Settings menu item and then click on Donation matching.

The fields on this page are as follows:

  • Enabled: Click this box to turn on Donation matching for your company.   

You'll then need to ensure your financial year so as your matching cycle aligns with your financial cycle. This defaults to the Australian tax year - July 1 to June 30 - so if you don't follow this cycle, simply click the link through to your Company profile page, and Edit it from here.

  • Enter the Maximum amount per employee - how much the Company will match per year for each individual. If you do not wish to limit by employee, enter the company-wide amount in this field also.
  • Enter the Maximum amount company wide - how much the Company will match overall, in total for the year.
  • Lastly, decide who you want to match donations for - if you want to restrict matched donation to deductible gift recipients (DGR), check the box accordingly. Then, only donations to DGRs will be offered matching.

enlightened If you have multiple offices on Benojo, you can enable Donation matching at the parent Company level, or for each participating office or business unit you have established, and select your limits for each also. 

To read more about the Employee user experience for donation matching, see the Donation Matching for Employees instructions.


As mentioned, we recommend pre-loading your employees by batch when using Donation Matching to ensure all employees are captured and asked if they'd like their donation matched.

If you choose to use organic sign-up, you may experience some of the following:

  • If an employee didn't use their work email address, signed in with Facebook (usually associated to a personal and not work email address), did not click to join your Company when asked, or didn't click the email authentication link they were emailed, they won't be recognised as employees of your Company. This means they won't be asked if they want their donation matched when donating.
  • An employee will often access a Campaign via a link shared with them by email or social, meaning they arrive on the Benojo platform on the campaign page. If they go ahead and make a donation, they will be given the option of signing up or signing in here on the Donation form:

  • If they are already registered and so click to Sign In here, their donation page will be refreshed and they will then be asked if they'd like the Company to match it:

  • If they use the Sign up option here and select their Company, their donation is then included in Company and employee totals, but as the individual has not email verified their association with the Company at this stage, they are still not considered an employee for matching purposes, and thus are not asked if they'd like the Company to match it. In such instances, a Company admin should follow the Manual Company Donation Matching instructions above if the employee wishes to have their donation matched.
  • If they choose not to Sign in or Sign up, again they are not recognised as an employee and a Company admin should follow the Manual Company Donation Matching instructions above.