Employee Contributions

The Employee Contributions area is designed to give you (as a company admin) visibility over what your employees are contributing to on Benojo.  Whether they participate in volunteering, fundraising or attend events you get the ability to see activity as it happens.  We do this to allow you to better align your giving program with what your employees are most passionate about as well as to enable you to effectively tell the world about how generous you and your employees are and also allow you to amplify their gifts through features such as donation matching.

There are 2 levels of information here - a summary and a detailed view.  The summary report contains an employee level report of all activity by your employees within the specified timeframe.  The detailed is a list of transactions within that same timeframe.  You can adjust which report and which timeframe you wish to see and hit Apply.  Once the data is on the screen, you can also download it as a CSV file to be used for other reporting you might need.