Access via your Company admin menu and then clicking Settings, you can set up general information about your company and also settings that apply to your Benojo workspace.


  • Name: Update youCompany name if you wish - if you have multiple offices, note this profile just relates to the office in question...each office location will have its own profile.
  • Contact email: This field allows you to assign a general community / CSR contact email to your profile that can be seen and used only by employees or Causes, should they need to get in touch
  • ABN/ACN: Add your ABN and/or ACN (Australia only)
  • Mail Domains:  Enter your email domain to automatically associate users with that domain as employees of your company. If you have a hierarcy set-up and your email domain is the same across each office/business unit, add your mail domain/s only into your parent company profile. If they differ across offices/business units, then add the appropriate mail domain to each office/business unit's profile.
  • Financial year: Used to apply appropriate filters to reports and information
  • Company url: You can use your own name and claim your brand space on Benojo (minimum of 3 letters and it must be a unique name)


  • Show contributions to: This dropdown menu determines who you share your giving dashboard data with. Whilst all employees can see your profile information, you have control over who whether you display your giving figures at teh top of that profile page. You can share it with Company Employees, Company Administrators, or All, so everyone can see how much good you're contributing.

  • Show Impact Report to Employees: In addition to being able to control who sees your dashboard figures, you can also choose to share your Company Impact report with employees. If you check the box to enable, your associated employees will see an Impact Report option on their dropdown menu under 'Your Company'. They can then see all the impact report options you see as an admin, EXCEPT cause and campaign breakdowns, and the Report Actions (except Print)


  • Create / Renew company payroll giving API token: To integrate into your payroll system, we offer a simple API to access summary and transaction details.  Please contact us at to discuss requirements and formats for more details
  • Google Analytics ID: Enter your Google Analytics information (see for more) and be able to track users visiting your profile and campaign pages