Manage your Employees and Company Admins

The Employees tab, accessed from your Company admin > Settings menu, provides you with various ways to manage your employees:

Inviting user to join your Company

So you’re all admin’ed up and you have a Company it’s time to get your employees onboard!  

There are three ways to add employees to your Benojo Company profile: preloading everyone as a batch, organic sign-up where employees sign themselves up, and inviting individuals once they’ve registered. Note that for an additional fee, we do offer Single Sign On (SSO) that can also be used for employee authentication.

  1. Pre-load Employees

Benojo can batch upload users by you simply providing a CSV file to us. This means all staff will be pre-registered on Benojo, already associated to your Company (and if applicable, their particular office), employee numbers added, and a default password provided. Download our simple csv template HERE and return it to your Benojo Account Manager to have your employees pre-provisioned.

The csv file should include the following information, in the following format:

Note that any users who previously exist in the system will have their first name, surname and employee number overwritten by the uploaded contents. Users who do not exist will be created with a default password of benojo123 which they will be asked to change on first login.

Please ensure the file has an extension of csv. Gender is the only optional column. If you are operating multiple offices on Benojo, we will also need the office location for each individual.

Once provisioned, employees simply:

  • Head to, select Sign In and do so using your company email address and default password that we provide after the load is completed (N.B. don’t take the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ option)
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions and create a new password.

  1. Organic Self-Sign up

Employees sign themselves up using their Company email address. By adding your Company email domain/s into your Company Profile set-up via the Settings page, once they’ve verified their email address, employees are then asked if they wish to join your Company on Benojo. Once they agree, they are associated to your Company.

To self-sign up, employees simply:

  • Head to, select Sign Up and register using the company email address (N.B. don’t take the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ option). Once they verify their email address using the link they will receive by email, they will automatically be asked to join your Company on Benojo.

  1. Inviting users to join your Company

You can actively invite employees using one of two methods, dependent on whether they have already signed-up to Benojo. Both actions are accessed from Company admin > Settings > Employees page.

For employees not yet signed-up: Use the Employee sign up form. Simply share this link with the relevant employee/s and they will be walked through the sign up process and automatically joined to your Company when signing up with the company email address.

For employees already signed-up:  If an employee signed up but either used a personal email address or declined when asked to join the Company, you’ll can manually invite them to join the Company. Use the Invite user to be associated as an employee option. Note your employee must have already registered and exist on Benojo before you invite them to join your Company profile, and you can only add one employee at a time this way so this is only recommended for small businesses and/or to add/invite new hires to join. The individual will receive an email with a link which they click to join.

Managing your Employees

We keep this as simple as we can.  There's a table at the top of the tab that shows all employees.  You can use the 3 bar menu under Edit to Assign them as an admin, remove admin rights or remove them from the company.  Search there also lets you be selective as to who is displayed.

Employee Download

If you want to download a list of all employees attached to your company, just hit the Download all as csv button and voila! 

The report details name, surname, email, gender, employee number, areas of interest and connected causes.

enlightened Looking for the ‘other’ reports that tell you what your Company and Employees have contributed? Head over to your Workplace giving page and choose the relevant report to download from there.