Promoting an external campaign

Promoting an External Campaign

We know that not every charity has the ability or the desire to use yet another platform (we don't get why they wouldn't want everything in one place - for free - but there you go).  Even so, we have you covered - with our Promote and Record campaign type, we let you keep everything you do attached to your company profile to make it easy for your employees to see all of your activity.  What we do is give you an ability to link to the external donation campaign and give your employees a way to record their contribution for that campaign (once they've donated) and then also request a donation match right there (if you are offering that type of giving).  We know, it's a way better experience if they can donate here and we encourage you to ask the charity to set up Benojo directly (it really doesn't take long) for the fully streamlined experience.

So, in the event they won't, use the Create campaign (as company) > Promote and Record option. 

The available fields on this page are:

  • The basics
    • The recipient: This is the charity that is the beneficiary of this activity.  Note that only a charity not yet set up for credit card payments on Benojo is available for selection here.  If they are, please use the Start a Fundraiser option on the Create campaign form.
    • Charity logo: for any charity that isn't yet live on Benojo, we've put a temporary logo of a heart on a hand.  For your campaign, you can change it to use a logo provided by that charity to ensure donors know where their hard-earned money is going.  Note that this logo is only for your campaign - if you click on it, the link takes you to the charity profile which will indicate that they are only on Benojo for reporting purposes and will have the temporary logo.
  • Campaign Details
    • Title: Give it a descriptive title (this helps it get found both on Benojo and on search engines). Include what are you doing and who will benefit, i.e. A Marathon Run For Cancer Research.
    • Amount you're aiming to raise: Your targeted amount for the campaign.  
    • From and To: Select the time you want your campaign to be live from and to. For a donation campaign, 
    • Our involvement: Talk about what this campaign is raising money for and why your company is involved.  This text appears front and centre when the campaign is viewed.
    • Banner: You can either upload a campaign banner here or link to a YouTube or Vimeo video which will then replace the banner on the campaign page
    • Link to external campaign: This is the link to the actual campaign page where donations will be accepted.  A link to it appears on the campaign page above the action buttons.
  • Location: 
    • Address: Either where will the activity take place or where the Cause you’re fundraising for is based. In future, this will effect the targeting of who sees the campaign based on their proximity to where the campaign is being run
    • Country: Select the Country you want your Campaign to show up under. So if you live in Australia but are running a marathon in the United States, you will probably want to choose Australia, where your network is based. You can choose the region that suits the location of your event, or the majority of your intended contributors.
  • Settings:
    • Only employees can see and search for this campaign: Only associated employees will be able to see this campaign on your profile and on their home page.  The only setting for this type of campaign is on.
    • Campaign can be found by Benojo search and internet search engines: For non-employee campaigns, turning this off allows only those with the link to be able to find the campaign (it doesn't appear in search or Google).  This allows for an invite only campaign
    • Notifications are sent to company administrators: The default setting is to send campaign activity to everyone set up as an administrator of your company.  Turning this off lets you select specific recipients for those notifications.
    • The creator of the campaign is the contact: Emails to participants will be sent from the contact, and the Contact Organiser button will link to the contact's email address.  Toggle it off to enter a specific contact.
    • Tags: This is so you can enter hashtags for your campaigns to align them to your social media strategy.  Hashtags don't require the # and any tags you enter are visible at[tagname] - and you can use your own link shortener to point at this page if you wish.
    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) raising towards: You can tag one or multiple SDGs that this campaign is being run towards.  The amount raised by it is then aggregated and viewable in the SDG summary on the Activity Report (under the Company Admin menu)
    • Campaign URL: Tailor the URL to make it more relevant to your campaign.  We'd also suggest that you can use a link shortener (such as to make very simple URLs that point at this location.