Q: What reports are available to me through Benojo?

A: You have lots of choices of report!

Active Employees csv activity report from the Impact Report page: This details all of your employee's activity. Unlike the Employee Report on the Employee page - which details all your employees on the system - this active employees breakdown report shows just those employees who have contributed something via the platform, and what that contribution is. The csv report fields include employee name, employee number, amount donated, volunteered hours, volunteered spots and tickets purchased. Remember the data pulled will be according to the date range you have set. See the section on Impact Report for more details. 

All Employees csv profile report from the Employees page. This details all individuals associated to your company as Employees, and details name, surname, email, gender, employee number, areas of interest and connected causes, where completed by the employee. Check out the Employee page for more details.

Impact Report as pdf featuring all giving activity for your Company from the Impact Report page. This is your powerhouse, all-singing, all-dancing report. It breaks out all your company, employee and network giving by selected time period. It includes Active Employee details, Campaigns contributed to, Volunteer hours, Company Contributions ($), Tickets purchased, and network contributions.  See the section on Impact Reportfor more details. 

Campaign & Cause Summary report as pdf, filterable by date from the Impact Report page: This is additional filtration available from your overall Impact Report. Scroll down and see your impact report broken down by Campaign and/or by Cause, showing amounts donated and volunteered by employees and the Company in each instance

Employee Report, Employee Detailed Report, and Settlement Report as csv files, for companies using Payroll Giving, via the Payroll giving page. Check out the Reports section on the Payroll giving for Companies page.