Q: What’s the best way to upload my employees: bulk upload, employees signing themselves up and asking to join our company, or inviting individuals?

A: There is no right or wrong way to add employees to your company on Benojo (although SSO does save a lot of time).

Many larger organisations like to bulk upload employees in advance. This means everyone is pre-registered with a default password which they are prompted to change on first log-in. Employee numbers and Company association all happen in advance, so there are no issues with staff not associating to their company, or not knowing their employee number...everyone is all set to go from launch. Downside? Many uploaded users may remain inactive if they do not wish to participate. And possible confusion over which email address they were pre-loaded with if the company has multiple domains. But this is a popular way to get employees on the platform.

For organic sign-up, where employees sign themselves up without pre-population, engagement may be higher given people have had to act themselves and take ownership. DownsideThere is a possibility staff miss the Associate to Company step. Organic sign-up also involves approval by the Company admin/s of every individual by clicking a confirmation link which you receive by email when they ask to join. Also, if you wish to share links to employee-only campaigns encouraging staff to get involved, only those employees signed up and associated to the company will be able to view them.

Lastly, the invitation to join the company - this is a great option for smaller businesses, and for inviting new hires to the system. However, as you need to input the email address for each employee to send the invite, it is not recommended for bringing large numbers of staff onto the platform, but a great tool for updating new employees.