Q: Who will see our Company profile information?

A: You have Settings allowing you to control the visibility of your Company giving information.

When setting up your Company’s Profile, select from the Settings menu at the bottom to choose who can see your company contribution figures. This is the giving numbers you as an admin always see at the top of your company profile page:

You can choose:

Company Administrators

Company Employees


For the rest of your Company Profile information:

If you create or adopt a Campaign for your company, you have a separate range of search settings available to you, controlling who can find that specific Campaign:

Employees only

Campaign can be searched

If your campaign is not for Employees only and thus you don’t check that box to restrict it to employees only, your Company profile page can be viewed by anyone who clicks into that campaign. You still have full control over whether your contribution totals are visible (see above), but your Profile information without those totals can be viewed if you publish external campaigns.

Likewise, if you don’t want your campaign to be searchable on Benojo nor via say, Google, leave that ‘Campaign can be searched’ checkbox blank to prevent those outside your company participating or viewing your campaign, and your company profile page, if you desire privacy.