Set up your Company Profile/s

Your Company Profile is something your employees should be proud of - it should talk about what you do and why you do it. To create your profile, go to your Company admin menu and select Settings and then Profile.  Pretty empty right now? Time to flesh it out:

  • About Us

    • Add a description about your Company. Remember this is your giving profile, so align it with your Company’s giving goals and program information.

  • Images

    • Add a banner and logo - this is what employees will see when looking for Company-specific information and opportunities on Benojo. Banner images have a 3:1 width to height ratio and should be at least 1000px wide. Logo images have a 2:1 width to height ratio and should be at least 250px wide. Neither image should exceed 10Mb.

  • Online

    • Input a URL...again, this could link to a social responsibility/ Community program information on your Company website. You also have a Community site URL should you have, say, an intranet page or separate web location where community involvement is applicable.

    • Add in your social handles as applicable - this is important when sharing campaigns out, as you can then share with one simple click into any of your company social channels.

  • Our company supports

    • Areas of interest: Select what areas of interest the Company supports and is passionate about. This is the matching engine of Benojo...what you select here will also allow Causes to be suggested to you based on matched areas of interest. You’ll see these Suggested Causes once you’ve saved your Profile, when you return to this page.

    • Connected causes: This is your opportunity to add a short dialogue as to why your Company support the Causes you have selected.

    • And then you can say a little about why those causes are important to your company.

Finished? Don't forget to Save when you're done.

Do you have other offices on Benojo? Select your next office to set up from the Office drop down list on the sidebar and follow these steps again for each office.