Settlement report

The Settlement report gives you an overview of all of your company giving - such as payroll giving, donation matching and your company grants program - that is managed offline (i.e. not via credit cards on the Benojo platform).  It not only allows you to track whether you've donated the money to the charities you and your employees support, it also allows you to see where to pay the money as well as lets the charity know that the money has or hasn't been paid, removing much of the chasing up of this type of giving.

Key areas of the report: 

  • Type: This allows you to specify which types of giving you wish to include in the report.  e.g. You may have different departments that process payroll giving and donation matching and this then allows you to manage those as separate payments
  • Status: By default, this is set to Unpaid so you only see those transactions that haven't been marked as paid (you can do so from with the Company Donations area (note that you cannot yet mark Payroll Giving as paid, but that's coming very soon).  Including Paid transactions allows you to see everything.
  • More: If you click the > under the More column, you'll see payment details to settle that donation
  • Download: Download a CSV file that includes all of the information currently on screen (including the information under the More column)