Volunteering - participate in a By Request charity program

Participate in a Volunteer By Request Campaign

Corporate volunteering can be very manual and labour-intensive but here at Benojo, we've put together a way to take that admin burden away.  A Volunteer By Request campaign is designed to allow you to join a charity-managed event where all you have to do is get your employees to join in.  You also get full visibility over (and can manage key aspects of) the management of the campaign and can add your own messaging to it.  Even better, you get to do all this for free.

To participate in a By Request campaign, go to a campaign page that has been set up by your charity of choice (either via the home page / search or a link sent to you by that charity (note that you need to have set up a company on Benojo already to see this feature).

  1. On the campaign page, click "Request Volunteering"
  2. This window will pop up to let you introduce yourself / your company and to talk about what you would like to do in this campaign
  3. Following a response from that charity (you will be notified when this happens), you can click on the notification and see this page.  Once you and the charity have agreed on times / they will unlock the campaign for you and you will see a create campaign button.  Click that, fill in the form and your campaign is ready to share with your employees and both you and the charity can easily co-ordinate and manage your activity.

Once live, you can see everything going on on the campaign page, via your notifications and via the Administration menu on the main page (if you need to change something you don't have access to, use the Request change item there to chat to the charity).