Where do I start?

Welcome to Benojo! Thanks for signing up as a company on the platform and here is our quick guide to get you going.  Note that if you just want to skip the intro and know more about administering your company, please click here

You've now registered as a company and landed at the Settings page, what should you do next?  Note that you can access all of these features from the Company admin menu on the top right of the page also.  Our suggested approach is:

  1. Review your Settings (note that there are several tabs across the top of the page) and fill in the information that you wish your employees and other supporters to see.  Key to this is the Profile tab where you can connect with the charities you're aligned with and talk about the program you're inviting others to participate in.  For more click here
  2. Once your settings are complete, the Employees tab gives you a link to invite other employees to the platform as well as manage those connected to your company.  Once an employee signs up, they can fundraise on the platform or give to existing campaigns for the causes they care about.  For more click here
  3. You can set up your own campaigns from the Create campaign item in the Company admin menu which allows you to create a ticketed, volunteering or donation-type campaign with the proceeds going to your charity partner.  Note that these campaigns will appear on your Employee's home pages in a section at the top of the page.  For more click here
  4. The Workplace Giving menu item provides reports of all of the contributions your employees have made as well as to your campaigns across the different contribution types on Benojo.  For more click here
  5. There are also other Insights, Impact and Engagement reports that you can use to increase your understanding of giving within your company.
  6. Lastly, Administration guide links back to this help area so you can navigate the Benojo platform. 

We do offer premium features such as payroll giving, donation matching and a grants system as well as the opportunity to promote your contribution to causes your employees care about by subsidising fee so their chosen cause get more of the contribution.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs at info@benojo.com