Payroll Giving

Payroll giving reports

Disbursements to the cause/s and deductions from payroll are managed through your payroll team. Benojo provide 3 reports you can download on the 3rd of each month from your Payroll giving page, detailing the previous month’s giving commitments.  The last 6 months of these reports can also be found on the Payroll Giving tab in the Workplace Giving area accessed from your Company admin menu.

Employee Report: This report details the requested deductions from employees’ salaries. It is a list of all employees and their total giving commitment to be deducted each month. It includes employee name, employee number, total amount to deduct and also a change field denoting if this deduction has changed since last month’s report. This allows payroll to set up recurring deductions, and just sort the csv file by the change field for changes, should they wish.

Settlement Report: This report details payments due to selected Charity/s. It includes Charity name, account name, BSB, account number and the total amount to be paid.

Employee Detailed Report: This report gives details of each transaction an employee commits to. It includes employee name, employee number, cause name and amount given, and again a change field denoting if this has changed since last month’s report.

If you have multiple offices on Benojo, your top drop down Company admin menu will give you consolidated data for ALL your offices from this parent company profile; your office-level Admin button controls on your individual office profile pages will give you by-office data. 

*Note that your employees set up their payroll giving on the user settings menu